South Korean automotive supplier Hyundai Mobis has developed bio-health technology that contributes to public safety.


The company said in a press release that it took three years of research and development to develop M.Brain, a handset with sensors that measure a driver’s health in real time by detecting brain waves around the ear. Machine learning is used to interpret these brain wave signals.

The smartphone-enabled device can notify users if they lose their attention while driving.

Hyundai Mobis will test the handset for public bus drivers in Gyeonggi-do Province.


Hyundai Mobis develops various bio-health technologies to contribute to public safety. With its latest device, it claims to have used brainwave measurement technology for the first time in the automotive industry. The brain wave measurement is “one of the most advanced and demanding technologies that one can work with”.


As early as 2011, the automotive industry tried to integrate health monitoring into cars. Ford was arguably the first player in the game of health in cars with his research too Heart rate monitoring seats. However, the project was reportedly shut down in 2015 when cheaper health monitoring devices became available in the market. An alliance has even been formed between Ford, Microsoft, Healthrageous and BlueMetal Architects to jointly develop new technologies that will help drivers monitor their health and wellbeing while on the move.

Later in 2016, another automaker, called Audi AG, unveiled its project to develop a system that integrates wearable health technology into cars Audi Fit driver.

Hyundai could be the only player committed to developing health technologies for autonomous driving. In 2018, the DDREM (Departed Driver Rescue & Exit Maneuver) was introduced, which prevents accidents caused by drowsy driving. In the following year, a driver condition warning system with eye tracking was developed. Last year, the rear occupant warning system was developed to track small children in the back seat with radar.

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