The health information site WebMD is investigating the area of ​​patient education with the acquisition of Wellness Network for an undisclosed amount.

Wellness Network creates educational resources and engagement tools for patients. The company works with hospitals and health systems, insurance companies, life sciences, public health authorities, health technology companies, and others.

Its services include a library of videos and printable resources called HealthClips that touches on 24 therapeutic areas. Products also include patient interaction tablets that provide information to a patient and offer TV programs that can be streamed in waiting rooms.

Clinicians can assign and track a patient’s interaction with the content through the HealthClips 360 program, which integrates with existing EHRs.


The new acquisition is intended to support WebMD in expanding its digital information services. While WebMD began to provide information directly to consumers, this M&A gives the company the opportunity to work with more provider organizations to provide information.

“The Wellness Network shares a core role with WebMD Provider Services to enable the integration of training into the patient workflow so that our customers can educate, educate and support patients and caregivers throughout the healthcare system,” said Dave Ross, CEO of the Wellness Network in an opinion.

“WebMD’s wide reach with health-conscious consumers and patients enables us to expand our ability to deliver understandable and empowering content for the benefit of patients, hospitals and healthcare systems.”


This is not the only recent acquisition by WebMD. In May, the company announced plans to acquire it ADDitude, a platform focused on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) resources and information, for an undisclosed amount.

In 2018 there was the purchase of the Vital. known Consumer Services Division for Mdx Medical. The department focuses on connecting consumers with clinicians. It also acquired Jobson Healthcare Information, another digital health content brand.

The Wellness Network has also made acquisitions in the past. In 2017, the company acquired the publisher of patient education videos Milner-Fenwick for an undisclosed sum.

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